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Welcome to Delhi Private Tours as we say ‘Aatithi Devo Bhavo’. We serve our Guests as our God. We provide Guide Services for your planned tour as per your requirement. Our company believes in building mutual understanding for success corporate relationship. Our entire expert Guides are well-trained, well-educated and professional. There is nothing so fulfilling as serving our Guests. Our Guides are specific and can speak Russian, French, Spanish, English and others. They are all young and humble certified under approved by MINISTRY OF TOURISM & GOVT. OF INDIA, where different languages are taught to them for better communication with our friendly countries so that we can join hand in hand.


Guides treat you as your friend for better comfort and convenience.  They are expert and knowledgeable about the destinations you are visiting.  They will show you the real India with his/her eyes that are unbelievable and realistic making your tour memorable and unforgettable as we can’t judge a book by its cover.


Guides Quality for our Private Tour:

  • They are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their subject.
  • They are expert in history and destination knowledge and have many informative collections.
  • Has ability to cope with emergencies or unexpected incidents.
  • Fluency in Foreign languages as well as local languages.
  • Providing detailed information about a site’s history, paintings, ornaments, flora and fauna for an India Tour.

Guides Profile:

Sachin Upadhyay


Working Destinations: New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai, Goa

Languages: English, Russian

Hobbies: Watching TV, cycling, Adventurous, Know about different places

Sachin has better understanding and responsibility during this duty period. He has a jolly nature, informative and loved to discover new places.  He is expert in his field of language guiding like Russian, English and other foreign languages. Apart from Foreign language, he can also speak other local languages.  He is from Delhi and witnesses many Indian cities and towns that are still undiscovered. India is a wonderful place where once coming, you always want to come back again.


One of his ideal thought – ‘For better home to live, I would like to plant trees every day and ask others to plant a tree for one life’.

He is sincerely glad to help you by guiding you some interesting and mystery places of India.




Working Destinations: North India, East India, North-East India
Languages: English
Hobbies: Paintings, diary writing, story teller, story writer, sometime poetry, listening soft music, cooking


She is soft spoken, kind-hearted and has good sense of humor. She loves to travel in a friend circle making your journey memorable. She is great exclusive story teller that has moral. She can sing some famous India songs for you that will relax your mind. If you are a food lover, you are most welcome by her. She can cook North Indian dishes as well as Chinese and North-East Indian food that are still concealed from world cuisine. She smiles only when her guests are enjoying and nurses as doctor when anyone is injured. She is lovely and awesome guide for you.
One of her ideal thought – ‘Every season has its own effects. So, every human being has its own diary’.
Think to explore some ideal places that are still undiscovered and become the first one to cover the place with its customs and rituals.


Sanjay Singh


Working Destinations: North India, South India, West India and East India
Languages: English, Russian
Hobbies: Adventurous, listening music, sports


He is kind and decent in nature, soft-spoken and has the ability to tackle every hurdle comes to his way. He knows how to treat with his guests and has good sense of humor. Travelling with Sanjay will give you the comfortless and journey will be fun with some group photography. He is from Delhi and certified under MINISTRY OF TOURISM & GOVT.OF INDIA.
One of his ideal thought – ‘God sent us to serve people for good and if this so, I would like to serve more and more people with my kind information forever’.
We are proud of our country and share this pride with other for better knowledge.




Working Destinations: India
Languages: English, Russian
Hobbies: Travelling, Research work, Sports, Yoga, Meditation


To explore some unexplored destination, India gave him the overwhelming feeling of safety, support and confidence for guiding any tour.   The history and culture are so realistic that there’s nothing to be conceal as every city in India shows its unique realm and story as open book. Surjeet is honest and professional during his duty and explain the site’s details in a group or individual. He is well-educated and study lots of history books and wants to reach the truth of the place. He thinks wonders are behind human. We keep it alive and this is what inspires him for better guiding in India.
One of his ideal thought – ‘Traveling makes human being more smart and knowledgeable as study never ends for lifetime’.
Guiding tour with Surjeet will fulfill your desire and fall in love with the environment of India.




Working Destinations: India
Languages: English, Russian
Hobbies: Travelling, Swimming, Adventure


Travelling to any destination without any knowledge is like sailing without a Rudder. And journey will be meaningful with an expert guide by your side. Here is Ranjeet, who is a tour expert guide and has lots of experience about different places of India like heritage sites, monuments, gardens, beaches etc. India is such a country where many dynasty and history took place and many migrants took shelter here. Many cities and town got ruined and demolished.
To know our real India, we provide language guides that will help you in communication.
One of his ideal thought – ‘Traveling to any destination without proper knowledge is like steering a boat without a rudder’.
To discover India with Ranjeet will be Best thing since sliced bread.


Narender Dev Tiwari


Working Destinations: Delhi
Languages: English
Hobbies: Cooking, Social work, Painting, Travelling


Narender Dev Tiwari is a multi-talented guide in Delhi. He is well-educated from IHM (Indian Institute of Hotel Management), Bhopal recognized by NCHMCT &IGNOU. He is honest and has enthusiasm in giving classes to the Guests. We provide dining guides for you and give an opportunity to discover some exciting traditional and regional flavors.
Food and travel go together. We compiled some dining destinations, taking in the street-food in the gourmet cities of India as Indian food is heavily influenced by religious and cultural traditions.
Narender travelled lots of tourist places like Lucknow, Bhopal, Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh etc. He has twist in his travelling as Guide. Food-lovers are most welcomed by our great chef Narender. He will complete your total search for Indian food recipes like North India, South India, etc. If you are interested for basic cooking classes, take an appointment and he will show you how to prepare Indian food with its spices and herbs.
One of his ideal thought – ‘Most authentic Indian dishes are health conscious and has high nutritional value with ancient healing properties’.
He is well- trained communicators and able to adjust his information to his group regarding Indian cuisines.

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